Back in the Studio!

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Good news! I’m currently in the studio working on some new (and old) material for an upcoming project with Radford Bishop and Chad Dutton (who produced Winter Machine’s record that came out in 2002). We have 3 songs mostly tracked and are working on building them up and making them really stand out. I’m excited to share some of what we’ve done once the mixes are finalized. The harmonies are gorgeous and the guitars really pop. It’s going to be a super cool project when all is finished…the sound will be much more “built up” than my Skylines CD. I’ve always been torn between folk and pop, and now I get to experiment with combining them again. I’m totally excited!

Here is a photo of me back when Radford, Chad and I were recording the first Winter Machine record. I’m on the back porch of an apartment building near 34th and Nicollet in fall of 2001 I believe. Not sure how I arrived at that hair color. What can I say. I was punk.



This Thursday I’ll be performing at the beautiful Aster Cafe with special guest Alex Harry Stone. Music starts at 9pm. I’ll be performing an entire set of winter-themed songs, from originals to some covers and even a holiday favorite. Alex will be performing his signature brand of wry, witty, heartfelt indie-pop. The cover is $7. This is my last show on the books until March, although I’ll most likely turn up somewhere with my guitar between now and then…It all goes down at 125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis (in St. Anthony Main on the river). For reservations call (612) 379-3138. Hope to see you guys there!Winter in Minneapolis

Come down to Patrick’s Cabaret just off Lake Street and Minnehaha and catch my mini-set this Friday and Saturday evenings (OCt. 25-26) at 7:30pm. Cover is $10, and well worth it for all the theater, storytelling, juggling, and of course music you’ll get to experience. All proceeds go to the performers. This will be my last public performance until early December…patrick's sign

Skylines CD release October 6!

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The CD release for my new record Skylines is coming up! It will be held at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in downtown St Paul (6th and Wabasha). Music starts at 7pm and there is NO cover. It’s a cheap date and promises to be lots of fun. Special guests include hip-hop/soul artist Desdamona and poetic troubadour Brian Laidlaw, as well as the harmonies and percussion of Radford Bishop. The show will be hosted by the fabulous gender illusionist Jamie Monroe. Don’t miss it!HPIM0947

An Update

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Hey everyone…just a note to let you know what’s been happening in my musical world. I’m taking a couple months off from performing as I get prepared for the “Skylines” CD release. I’ve been reaching out to venues and trying to come up with a great lineup for the release party. I’m finalizing some design/art elements for the packaging and should have the physical CDs by the end of the month. There’s a lot of work to do in trying to get some press and radio for this event/record. I’m excited about it and hope you are too. I’ve been writing some new songs lately, but mostly I’m obsessed with this record and getting it right. It’s a big step for me returning to the scene and trying to get my art out there. Proud but nervous…

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my crowd funding campaign for my new record “Skylines.” We’ve raised over $1,000– and the deadline is not until Saturday! I can’t wait to get this album made. Hopefully it will mean as much to you a it has to me as I’ve written and recorded it. Again, all my gratitude for the help and for believing in what I do.

Make a donation by following the link below, or just check out my project profile and learn more about what I’m doing with my new record. There are incentives for giving, from original art to custom-written songs and house concerts! whole 3